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Targeted Creativity
Managing the relevance and use of creativity in marketing material is a difficult task unless each and every element is justifiable in marketing terms.

This justification extends to both verbal and visual elements.

At Design Solutions, we can explain exactly and simply why each element has been used.

Design Solutions takes the guesswork out of creativity.

Streamlined Communication Channels
'Chinese whispers' is a game many people have played as children where the message is distorted as it passes along the line. The last thing you want happening in a client-agency relationship is poor interpretation between client liaison staff, creative staff, and production staff.

Design Solutions streamlines this by encouraging direct and open communication channels between the client and the creative and production staff.

Design Solutions leaves no room for misinterpretation of client's brief.

Technical and Creative Ability
Most agencies use outside suppliers for critical elements and in the process, the final results are less than desirable.

At Design Solutions, we pride ourselves on the amount of effort we take to understand the intricacies of all these critical elements. If we can't produce the elements in-house, then our knowledge allows us to ensure we the best results from our suppliers and give the best advice to our clients. Design Solutions has exceptional in-house skills and knowledge.

Results and Quality Focus
Marketers and account people own and manage most creative agencies leading to a dollar-driven culture within the agency. This profit focus is anathema for strong and relevant creativity.

Design Solutions is different. Our focus is definitely to give the best creative and targeted product. As a consequence we tend to take longer on projects and wont release an inferior product.

Design Solutions spends the time to ensure you get the best product.

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